PARTY TRAY 1  ( 35 PCS) /  $33

Sushi (15pcs), California Roll(6pcs), 

Yam Roll(6pcs), Shrimp Tempura Roll(8pcs)

PARTY TRAY 2  ( 62 PCS) /  $60

Sushi (18pcs), California Roll(12pcs),

Cucumber Roll(6pcs),Yam Roll(6pcs),

Sunny Roll(6pcs), Spicy Salmon Roll(6pcs),

Green Dragon Roll(8pcs)


PARTY TRAY 3  ( 163 PCS) /  $140

Sushi (45pcs), California Roll(24 pcs),

Cucumber Roll(12pcs),Spider Roll (8pcs),

Spicy Salmon Roll(12pcs), Yam Roll(6pcs),

Shrimp Tempura Roll(8pcs), Spicy Tuna Roll(12pcs), Sunny Roll(12pcs), Futo Maki(8pcs),

Green Dragon Roll(8pcs), Red Dragon Roll(8pcs)


Sushi(12pcs), Sunny Roll(6pcs), Yam Roll(6pcs),

Cucumber Roll(6pcs), Avocado Cucumber Roll6pcs), Vegetable Roll(8pcs)

ROLL TRAY 1  ( 44 PCS) /  $35

Yam Roll(6pcs), Cucumber Roll(6pcs), Crab Roll (6pcs), California Roll (12pcs) 

Salmon Avocado Roll(6pcs), Shrimp Tempura Roll(8pcs)

ROLL TRAY 2  ( 70PCS) /  $55

Yam Roll(6pcs), Cucumber Roll(6pcs), Crab Roll (6pcs), Avocado Roll6pcs),

Spicy Salmon Roll(6pcs), Sunny Roll (6pcs), Salmon Avocado Roll (6pcs),

California Roll(12pcs), Shrimp Tempura Roll (8pcs), Green Dragon Roll(8pc)


PARTY TRAY A ( 36 PCS) /  $33

Sashimi(14pcs), Sushi (10pcs),

California Roll(6pcs), Spicy Salmon Roll(6pcs)

PARTY TRAY B  ( 60 PCS) /  $60

Sashimi(18pcs), Sushi (10pcs),

California Roll(6pcs), Spicy Salmon(6pcs), Cucumber Roll(6pcs), Yam Roll(6pcs),         Red Dragon Roll(8pcs)

PARTY TRAY D  ( 137 PCS) /  $120

Sashimi(40pcs), Sushi (25pcs),

California Roll(12 pcs), Shrimp Tempura Roll(8pcs), Cucumber Roll (6pcs), Sunny Roll(6pcs), 

Salmon Roll(6pcs), Spider Roll(8pcs),

Philadelphia Roll(6pcs), Spicy Salmon Roll(12pcs), Red Dragon Roll(8pcs)


10 pcs Each of Salmon, Red Snapper,      

Surf Clam, White Tuna, Red Tuna

5 pcs Each of Octopus, Crab Meat, Egg

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